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We believe exceptional care comes from extraordinary people. Our team is passionate about providing care and comfort to those who need us. We invite you to take a moment and read what others are saying about our caregivers.

"I highly recommend AccordCare. My sister and I cared for our Mom with Alzheimer’s for 5 years and could not have done it without the professional care we received from the staff at AccordCare.
My sister and I work full time so when my Mom fell and had ahead wound they were available within hours with just one phone call. Other times we had medical problems and needed an expert they were there and my Mom loved each one of the caregivers they sent.  They gave me updates during the day as well.  Caregivers were never late and stayed longer if my Mom needed them They even helped while my Mom was in hospice when we couldn’t be there You can’t get any better than this company for support with your loved one! "

"AccordCare did an excellent job taking care of my demanding ninety-seven-year-old mother while I was out of town for two weeks. From the assessment to the care, it was a pleasant experience. Attention to detail was excellent. At my request, we spoke each night and the caregiver spoke in detail of the accomplishments each day. She additionally made sure my mother spoke with me each evening. The best news is that when I returned, my mother who can be very critical had nothing but positive statements to make about the professionalism of the caregivers and the quality of service they provided."

"My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 3 years ago. In the midst of our grief, we had to get homecare that we not only trusted to be in the hometaking care of our mother, but more important someone she trusted! We heard about AccordCare through a dear friend and went from there. They made the process seamless. We were so impressed with the kind and gentle women they sent our way. Our mother found the ones she liked the most and bonded with so we rotated them over the months that she was ill. They cooked for her, bathed her, kept her home clean and went above and beyond cultivating a loving, trusting relationship that our family will always be grateful for!! I have and continue to recommend AccordCare to family and friends who are looking for the best possible in home care. With gratitude"

Darlina Hubbard was caught in the act of being a superhero in our community! I received a phone call from a Columbus, GA, police officer, Officer Copeland spotlighting Ms. Darlina Hubbard for her service to a citizen in the community. While at a convenience store, Ms. Darlina noticed a citizen that was distressed and having a seizure, rather than waiting for help to arrive, Ms. Darlina immediately jumped into action to assist, and followed all of the right steps and protocols, that ultimately assisted in the citizens survival and well-being. While Ms. Darlina was working with the citizen, officers were flagged down and EMT's were dispatched. The Officer wanted to commend her on her great efforts and the EMT's stated that she did an outstanding job! We would like to congratulate her and make it known that she did an outstanding job!

Officer Copeland, Columbus Police Department

“I would like to thank each of you for all you did while my aunt was in rehab and to ensure her safe return to her apartment. I am happy to say that she is very happy about being home and has started eating again. The attention AccordCare has given to my aunt’s case has been remarkable.  Everyone at AccordCare is a very caring person and concerned about my aunt’s well-being. Thank you so much for having taken care of her these past two years and I look forward to working with you while my aunt is in her apartment.” - Gloria

“I wanted to let you know that your staff has been outstanding.  I’d talked with a number of other agencies, but candidly I was very impressed with AccordCare after a couple of conversations. Your nurse has been great. Seems to always be available, proactive, definitely knows what she’s doing. She deserves kudos big time.” - David G.

"In all of my years as a Physician’s Assistant working in a Hospital in Columbus, GA, I have never witnessed an LPN or RN, work or do as well as Ms. Brown did with our family member. Ms. Brown was very prompt, well-dressed, professional, committed, and showed an immense amount of care for our loved one. Ms. Brown was on time everyday, and when she arrived in the drive way, very early in the morning, she would call before ringing the door bell, so that she would not wake our loved one. Ms. Brown treated our family member, just as anyone would want their family member treated. Ms. Brown was very compassionate, tender, and went above and beyond her duties on the job. Ms. Brown would not take breaks, other than the restroom, was not a clock-watcher-waiting for her shift to end, spoon fed our loved one and made sure before she left that our loved one had a fresh glass of water near her bedside. Ms. Brown is phenomenal and continued to be amazing each day. She will always be welcome to our home, although our loved one has passed away, we would always welcome Ms. Brown."